It becomes increasing cold, I believe that most of British family has lit the first fire in their wood burning stove and the fire will be burning until the winter is over. Keep it burning all the winter means wood burner users have to ensure steady supply of firewood. Therefore, today we will talk about the firewood and offer detailed information about wood for burning in a wood stove.

It comes to wood for burning in wood burner, we know that we need two kinds of wood, one is softwood, which are used as kindle to start the fire in a solid fuel stove or multi-fuel stove, another one is hardwood, which are used to keep fire going. 

Generally speaking, those wood from broad leaved trees are normally denser than conifers with soft wood, they are nice hardwood and can be used to keep fire going, such as, hard maple, hickory, ash, oak, black walnut.

However, when you are beginning to set a fire in your solid fuel stove, you need to use softwoods, which ignite easily. Spruce basswood, poplar, balsam, pine and fir, all of them can be used as nice kindling to start fire.

While once the fire is established, please add some hardwood in your stove in time. On the one hand, hardwood can be burned for longer time and generate more heat; one the other hand, softwoods are high in resin and they will deposit creosote in your stovepipe, if too much creosote accumulated in your stovepipe, it may cause chimney fire. It doesn’t matter, If you just burn a little softwood when you are starting the fire.

At last, there offer some tips for saving fuel and money on heating cost as followed:

1. Don’t make the biggest fire all the time.

2. According to the temperature of your house, adjust the heat output of your wood stove or multi-fuel stove.

3. Store firewood by yourself and give them enough time to become dry.

4. Pay attention to your backyard, you may find some trees can be used nice firewood.

5. Keep an eye on the classified Ad from local website, you may get firewood for free. You just need to cut and carry them by yourself.  

6. Remember to remove the ashes in your stove regularly. It can make your stove work efficiently, at the same time, won’t waste fuel. 

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