A great wood stove can guarantee your family's safety and worth the money you spend on it, while a right wood stove can save you much on fuel expense. Wood stove is likes the perfect life partner. A good wood stove makes you feel warm inside and out, while being romantic, reliable and low-maintenance. It's also environmentally friendly and economical. And it almost becomes every homemaker's dream to choose a great and right wood stove.

However, some may ask, why we choose a wood stove and heat with firewood? Not only does a woodstove give you a re-liable source of heat even when the power goes out, it's also a green option, because wood is a renewable resource when har-vested sustainably. Moreover, firewood is cheap and plentiful, so wood heat could potentially save you money.

Wood burning stoves varies in different sizes, shapes, materials and technologies. Therefore, it is tough to decide which woodstove to buy. Also, there are many opinions on how to choose the right wood stove online and judging criterias. So how do you choose a great and right wood stove for you? Here are some distilled hints here to help you choose.

Firstly, ask yourself, which unit and model should you buy? Here is a simple rule of thumb to determine the size of your wood stove.

Small wood burning stoves are suitable for heating a family room or a seasonal cottage.

Medium wood stoves are suitable for heating small houses, medium-sized houses, and cottages used in winter.

Large wood burning stoves are suitable for larger, open houses or older, leakier houses in colder climate zones.

You can choose a small stove to heat a cabin, a medium stove to heat a small-to-medium-sized, a large one for heating a big or drafty house. However, keep in mind that bigger isn't necessarily better. A wood stove that's too big not only overheats your space, it can also be inefficient and more polluting because you may need to run it below its optimal operating capacity.

Finally, don't forget the last point, be sure to look for the EPA certification label on the back of the stove before purchasing it.

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