We had talked about some uses of wood ash in last post, today we will continue to talk about other uses and make you can take full advantages of your wood ash.

5. Can be used to block garden pests

There are some annoying pests in our garden, they always try to eat our flowers. The wood ahs from your multifuel stoves can be used to keep those disgusting pests far away, you just need to spread the ash evenly around the border of garden beds to repeal slugs and snails. By the way, if it rains, you need to do it again.

6. Used as an anti-icing agent

A building editor found that wood ah can add traction and de-ices, at the same time, it won’t hurt soil or concrete underneath. Compared to salt and other chemicals used before, they are friendlier to environment.

7. Used as cleaning agent

For all the stove users, cleaning is a difficult job, especially the glass fireplace doors, this post offers you a new way to clean the glass, a damp sponge dipped in the dust can scrubs away sooty residue.

Wood ashes also are nice cleaning agent for glass of your fireplace or log burners uk, even nontoxic metal, such as silverware and brass. Ash added to a scourer can also give your scouring a bit more oomph, but they are abrasive, so use with care.

If you plan to use wood ash and carbon, make sure that you won’t use icky bits, such as plastics, cigarette butts, into your solid fuel stove, because they can contaminate it.

8. Used as filter medium

The charcoal from wood ash, I mean the black chunks instead of grey or white ash, can be pounded with a hammer, then ground them into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle or blender, these powder can be used as filter medium. However, it is different from those activated charcoals you bought, so don’t use them to filter drinking water.

9. Make lye or soap 

As known to all, wood ash is alkaline, so we can soak ashes in water makes lye, which is used in the production of soap and bio diesel, then mix with animal fat and boiled to produce soap.

10. Dehumidifying

Wood ash also can be used in closets, basements, under sinks, etc, to reduce moisture, you just need to place some lumps of charcoal into a can punched with holes and put it in the place needs for dehumidification.

11. Enrich compost

When you are building up your compost heap, you can add a dust of wood ash to each layer to enhance its nutrients. In the North, this is the perfect thing.

12. Anti-skidding

Sprinkle a little slippery walks, it can prevent slips and falls. It is very useful and just needs very little.

13. Other uses

Except those uses mentioned above, wood ashes also can be applied to other areas, such as, used as dust bath to control bugs, pound algae and odor.

By the way, the ahs should be store in a metal container with a lid and ensure your wood ash is totally cold before using for any of the above purpose.

We just mentioned some of wood ashes’ uses, if you know any other uses of wood ashes, please share your ideas below. 

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