All of us know that we can burn wood in a wood burning stove, multi-fuel stove or solid fuel stove, but we don’t know too much about what wood can be burned in stove. Therefore, we will talk about these types of wood you can burn in your wood stove and offer some tips for fuel.

The wood can be used to start fire

When you begin to light a fire in your stove, you can use softwoods, such as pine or fir, which can ignite easily, so they are usually used as kindling to get the fire started. However, softwoods are high in resin and they will deposit creosote in your stovepipe, and too much creosote accumulated there may lead to a chimney fire. It doesn’t matter if you just burn only small, thin pieces of softwood and then burn some hardwood once the flame is established. There are some other softwoods, such as basswood, spruce, balsam, poplar and hemlock.

The wood can be used to keep the fire going

Everyone likes hardwood because they can create warm and long-burning glow. These hardwoods such as, walnut, cherry, ash and oak are dense so that they can burn slower and keep an even temperature in your stove, at the same time, keep your home warm for longer. Those hardwoods include ironwood, maple, yellow birch, rock elm, hickory and sugar maple beech also can be used as additional hardwoods.

Tips for fuel used in your stove:

1. Only burn aged wood instead of green wood

Some Resource Board recommends that green wood need at least six months to become enough dry when they have been cut and split, it is better if they can be kept longer. Generally speaking, they contain as much moisture as much as at least 20 percent moisture of their weight. By the way, place your firewood on a rack or pallet off the ground to increase airflow and hasten drying.  

2.  If you buy wood for your stove

1) The size of your firewood should be 4 feet high, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.

2) You can buy full wood if you don’t chop them to a 4-foot long piece of firewood.

3) If you want to buy some wood with manageable lengths that you can pop right in your wood stove, so look for some dealers who sell firewood of 4-feet high and 8-feet long but less than 1.5-feet wide

4) You can a fraction of a cord or split a cord with your friend if you don’t need so much firewood ( Cord is the standard unit of measurement for firewood)

5) Store your firewood as early as possible if you want to save money on fuel

Almost the price of anything is more expensive in season than that in off-season, so is firewood. There is no doubt that you will cost too much money on seasoned wood than green wood. If you have a room to place wood and you can carry them by yourself, you can store it as early as possible. Moreover, if you still have some place that can permit you cut or split wood into small and stove-ready pieces, you can buy lager pieces in off-season. 

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