Generally speaking, wood stoves with high-quality can be used for many years, but it needs you make regular maintenance on your stoves so that you can get the most from them. Therefore, we will discuss this topic and offer top tips for all the stove users.

First at all, we talk about something we need to notice when we are using our stove, no matter it is a log burner, or a multifuel stove.

  • You need to remove the ashes from your stove regularly when you burn firewood and other solid fuels or a combination of wood and solid fuel on your stove. Don’t let the level of ash to build up and come in contact with the underside of the grate as the heat generated by the ash will cause distortion, further, in poorly ventilated state, your stove can’t work well and waster you a lot fuel. By the way, be careful when you remove the ashes from your stove, ensure they are completely cold before you spread them in your garden or pond. Know more uses of wood ashes, you can refer to Uses of Wood Ash(I) and Uses of Wood Ash (II).
  • For most of stove users, it is such a chore to clean the glass door of fireplace or wood stove, we can’t wash it very clean. Except that, you should pay attention to the cleaner you used to wash the door glass, you should use either a recognized product who aimed at the solid fuel market or vinegar and newspaper and don’t use any forms of abrasives cleaner as this will cause scratches on the glass surface.

Next, we will talk about something you needn’t do every day, but at least ever week.

  • You need to remove and clean the stove throat/ baffle plate weekly and don’t allow deposits and debris to collect as this will impede the route of the combustion gasses into the chimney flue. It is a potentially dangerous situation.

The last, you need to do them at least every year.

  • Sweep off the pipe and chimney flue and remember to check the sweeps brushes show out of the top of the chimney and check the brushes for signs of condensates.
  • Check and ensure the rope seals around the fire door are sealing correctly.
  • Clean your stove totally if it will be left for a long time, such as holidays or in summer or fall. At this moment, you need to clean the firebox, remove all the ashes from you stove and leave the fire door ajar. Good ventilation can prevent corrosion in the system.

A well maintained wood stove can be used for many years, it also can save you a lot money as it can offer you enough heat and use less fuel. Hope the Tops tips for maintaining your wood stoves can help you and make your stove can work in well state all the time!

Merry Christmas to everyone!  

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