Wood or multifuel stoves can make a living room focal point, as well as providing a much cleaner, greener source of heat for your home, the environment as well. And some people call wood stove, space heater.

Here, we specially offer you a summary related to tips when using your wood stoves or multi-fuel stoves.

1. Burning Logs Tips

1) In the morning, rake embers evenly over the fire bed and open the air wash control fully, refuel little and often is better than filling the stove to the top.

2) Use smaller thicker logs, because large log may cause smoke spillage into your room.

3) Keep a stock of wood logs at an accessible distance. Furthermore, keep your logs well covered and ventilated and out of the rain.

4) Don't clean the ash away after every fire, let ash build up, so that there is a bed of ash that helps the embers stay whole and makes a hotter fire – remember a hot fire burns of the smoke and is more efficient. If being used every day it is best to clean out the ash once per week. However, some people say that, clear all old ash from your stove before each use. You can have a try.

In addtion, there is another piece of stove burning tips, in a multi-fuel stove, you can burn coal or wood, but don't burn coal and wood together.

2. Stove Safety Tips

1) Have your chimney swept regularly - to prevent chimney fires. We recommend having your chimney swept at least once a year. 

2) Cleaning soot off your stove glass - a damp cloth or damp newspaper dipped in ash can be effective in removing a light dusting of soot off your glass.

3) We suggest that use a pair of heat resistant gloves/gauntlets when refuelling your stove in order to protect your arm and your hands. As some wood burning stoves have heat resistant handles but many have metal handles that get extremely hot.

3. Stove Efficiency Tips

Keeping stove operating efficiently is almost every housewife's dream. 

1) Check that there's an adequate supply of air to keep your fire burning strong and effectively.

2) Using a stove flue pipe thermometer can help ensure you keep your stove working within a safe temperature range and not burning too hot.

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