In the cold winter, people prefer to use wood burners to warm their homes than fireplaces. As wood stoves often can heat a room more efficiently than a fireplace. However,it isn't enough to ensure maximum heat output only placing wood into the stove. There're some things you need to pay attention during light and fire the stove to increase the amount of heat coming from your stove. Such as, you should concern about the wood being used, the room temperature, and the amount of oxygen mixing with your fire and so on. Here're some tips for YOU to help maximize the heat output of your stove.

Firstly, you need to use the right wood and arrange it in the proper way to help with airflow. Buying green cord wood can save money in the long run, just remember to buy it a year ahead of time.

Then, use an ash scraper to remove ash and other debris from the firebox of the wood stove.

Next, building a fire in one can be done by using kindling or a starter log. And you also need to know that, start the fire in the wood stove before it gets too cold in the house. You can place crumpled newspaper, kindling and a few small pieces of hardwood in the stove and light the newspaper with a match or roll up individual sheets of newspaper and twist them so they do not come apart. You can also scrunch the newspapers into balls. And then place more wood on the fire and keep the fire going until the ashes need to be cleaned out. Repeat this process until spring, as necessary. Moreover, keep in mind that building a fire requires allowing air to vent so the fire will continue to burn. Don't forget a point that, adjust the draft control to let more air in or restrict the airflow to the firebox.

Furthermore, always have a professional check the wood burning stove's installation and ventilation before using the stove, as improperly ventilated and installed stoves can be hazardous. Of course, a kettle of water can be placed on top of the multifuel stove, it can help you keep moisture in the air during the long winter months.

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