How to build a fire in the wood burning stove? There is no so-called definite right or wrong regarding the question. Actually, it is a work to choose which one fits best for you. It might be a specific skill or just a fire starter. Generally speaking, every wood corresponds to related wood burner. Therefore, you can build a fire concerning your own preference with proper method.

Of course, there always are some points or tips from other wood burners, which makes it easier to build a fire. Some may work for you while the other might not. Naturally, you are trying to look for a better way to build the fire in your wood burning stove. The following methods from some experienced wood burner can do you a favor.

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Tee Pee Method

Pile your kindling and fire starter in the middle, then lean logs against one another to create the tee pee. Light the fire starter and wait for it to take off.


Building a fire Log Cabin Method

It is pretty much like building a Log Cabin only on a much smaller scale. Stagger kindling for the bottom layer, add your choice of fire starter, then stack small pieces of split seasoned firewood in two layers going in the opposite directions. This method will create a good base for adding logs to the fire and promotes a more even burn.


Top Down Method – This method has actually proven to be very successful. Start by layering larger logs on the firebox floor, or grate in a fireplace, then smaller logs on top of the base layer. Layer them in opposite directions to allow air flow. Now place the pieces you will use as kindling on top of that layer and then your fire starters. As this fire burns it will get hotter and hotter burning its way down to the larger logs.