It doesn’t call a stop to use wood burning stove or wood burner because of low temperature these days. That’s to say, we are going on bearing the low humility in our house. As we all know, it is terrible when humility starts to drop, which can cause bleeding nose, dry itchy skin, scratch throats or even lead to allergies. If you are so lucky to suffer the above tortures, you have no idea to get rid of short breath as there is massive dry air.

What’s worse, low humility brings in static electricity. Definitely, nobody loves their hair to stand on end any time. And you’ll never enjoy the feeling to get an electric shock whatever you touch. Yes, we don’t like any of it but we absolutely love heating our house with wood burning stove. So how do we get balance? The followings are some tips to gain more humility for you enjoy more joy with your wood burner.

Use a kettle or steamer

In the first place, we recommend put a kettle or steamer on the top of your wood burning stove. If possible, you even can place a cast iron pot. The water inside of the steamer or kettle will begin to evaporate which is the whole point because it will be adding moisture into the air of the room increasing the humidity. Then the humid air will circulate in your whole room.

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Greenwood around the burner

Next, stacking a small amount of green wood near your wood burning stove is a brilliant way to release moisture. Green wood, as we all know, contain high moisture and is not thought of as safe burning fuel. When it is put inside near the wood stove the heat will start evaporating the moisture in the wood. Again, this moisture will go into the air of the room increasing the humidity of your home.

Weatherizing your home

The last not the least, you’d better try to decrease the cold air coming into your house. When there is cold air flowing in your house, you start to build fire, which make air dry out even more. For another, weathering your home is beneficial to cut down the number on your bill because you can save more wood fuel used for wood burning heater than not taking t