Choosing and buying a mulitifuel stove is just the beginning, then you have to consider what fuel can be burned in it, how to use and maintain it. All of them are important and concern how much heat you can get from your stove or whether your stove can work in best state. Therefore, this article is intended to tell all the multi-fuel stove users how to get the most from their stove.

Fuel of multi-fuel stoves: 

Multi fuel burners, just like their name, their owners have more choices of fuel than wood burning stoves, such as firewood, coal, wood pellet, corn pellet and other products made from wood or coal. About those fuels, you can refer to this article named The Fuels for Multi-fuel Stoves, it will give you detailed information.

Except those fuels mentioned above, there are other fuels we can used as fuel of multi-fuel stoves, but a simple rule you should keep in mind, those fuel which can’t generate any visible smoke are nice alternatives, thus they should be smokeless fuel, charcoal and anthracite are nice choices of them. You know how the charcoal are used on a barbecue, you will know they also can be used in multi-fuel stoves to heat our house.

Store firewood:

Store fuel also is important, if you don’t store them in the right way, they won’t burn the way it should do. Seasoning simple means drying the wood our over time and keeping it in a dry place where it isn’t in contact with the floor. Here is a post about how to store firewood outdoors, hope it can help you.

Light the fire:

Once you get a nice stove and have good dry firewood to use, next you have to consider lighting a fire in your stove. How to light a fire in a wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove, you can click here, this post will offer you detailed steps.

Maintain your stove:

We know that most of stoves in the market are made from cast iron, no matter they are wood burning stoves, multi-fuel burners, electric stoves or gas stoves, there is a post about how to maintain a cast iron stove, hope it can offer you useful information.

This is a post which covers too much information about multi-fuel stoves, hope it can make you put off your doubts and fears when you are using your stove.

May you have a warm winter with your multi-fuel burner!


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