Have you ever been annoyed at your expensive bills of heating? If you are, and you decide to continue to use wood stoves as heater to warm your house in the winter, you should read this article and maybe you will say goodbye to the expensive bills of heating. There are ten mistakes which lead to high heating bills, but we often pay no attention to them when we are using wood stoves. They are as followed: 

1. Get a cheap stove with poor quality.

As the saying goes: “money, get what you pay.” How much money you cost will tell you how the quality of your product is. Don’t expect that you can get a cheap stove but with high quality. Compared to poor-quality stoves, stoves with high quality are more efficient at generating heat. In other words, you will cost less at fuel if you use an efficient stove. Therefore, buy the most efficient design you can afford.

2. Get a stove which is not suit for your house.

For example, you just want to warm a single room or a small house, but you get an oversize stove, it is obvious that it is a waste of money and fuel. At the same time, you have to deal with the too much heat your stove generates.

3. Warm those rooms you don’t use at all

In the winter, we often stay in living room or bedroom. However, some people have big house and they don’t use most of them in the winter, they still warm the entire house. Naturally, they will cost much at heating.

4. Make the fire the biggest all the time

According to the temperature of your house, make the fire small and hot. The biggest fire means that the fuel will run out quickly and you have to add some, maybe add again and again.

5. Keep flame burning before you leave your house

Most of wood-burning stoves can easily control the flame, you can turn it up or down. Absolutely, you also can put out the flame, but you need to make a fire again when you return home. So the best way is that turn it down before you leave your house, and turn it up when you back home. It not only can save much fuel, you also can turn up the flame easily and no need to make fire again.

6. Use wet or green wood

Once you choose to use wood burning stove to warm your house in the winter, you should make sure that all the wood you use is seasoned and dry enough, because the green or wet wood not only makes it hard to burn because of its moisture, it also is a waste of fuel. If it is convenient for you to store fuel as early as possible, it not only can make sure that your wood is dry enough, you also can buy them at low price and save much money. You know that you always cost much more buying something in season than that in off-season. The last advice, choose a right place for your wood, it should be dry and far away from water, rain and so on.

7. Always forgetting to remove the excess ashes.

It is essential to remove those excess ashes regularly, maybe you can do it every week. Too much ashes filled in your stove, it not only influence the efficient of your stove, it also cause to the waste of fuel. Therefore, remember to remove the excess ashes every week, but don’t remove all the ashes, leave some in stove, because it can keep your stove warm, and let it won’t cool down immediately.

Warm house with wood stove

8. Burn those fuel not suit for your stove

It is important to burn only the fuel which your stove was designed for. For example, you’d better not burn coal or pellet in a wood stove unless you have a multi-fuel stove. Another tips, don’t burn your trash in your stove, because it may increase the chance of starting a chimney fire, some plastic and other trash may release harmful gases which may ruin your catalytic combustor.

9. There is some air leak in your house except your chimney

Before you start to use wood burner, you should check your house totally, if you find some air leak, deal with it immediately. Don’t wait until it waste you’re a lot of fuel then remember to solve it. Tighten up your house, when you are using your wood-burning stove. If you do well in insulation, weather stripping, storm windows and caulking, it can reduce the amount of wood required to heat your home, then it will decrease your heating cost.

10. Never check your smokestack and maintain your stove

Check your “smokestack”. Burn your stove at different rates and then go outside to check the emissions. If there is no any smoke, it shows that your stove is burning cleanly and effectively, if there is some or much smoke, find out the reason and resolve it. 

It is important to maintain your stove regularly, such cleaning, check it totally, it can keep your stove efficient and don’t waste fuel.

If you had read this article carefully, I believe that you had known what you should take into consideration and how to get rid of those mistakes.

May you have a lower cost at heating this winter, good luck to you!


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