We talked about several ideal fire pits for garden or patio in last post, we will offer some other ideal choices for fire pits shoppers today.

Landmann Log Burner / BBQ Pit

This Landmann garden fire pit also can be used as log burner to offer warmth for outdoor dining or garden party, absolutely, if you are home gardeners, you also can use it to burn your garden rubbish when you have lots of leaves or dead plants to deal with. It is also fitted with a BBQ grill, so you can have a family bbq gathering in your garden or patio. Anyway, no matter you are gardener or barbecuer, it is worthy of purchasing it.

Know more about this Landmann garden fire pit, click here.

Big Sky Style Steel Round Firepit / Patio Heater

As far as design and shape of those fire pits, I have to admit that this big sky style round fire pit is my favorite because of its moon and stars piercing, at the same time, this also make it different from others, especially on night, you can see burning moon and starts at a distance, it is beautiful. Furthermore, this fire bowl also equipped with an easily clean BBQ grill, so it also is a perfect BBQ for patio.

Know more about big sky style round firepit/patio heater, visit: http://www.astove.co.uk/p/big-sky-style-firepit-patio-heater.html

JAVA Mosaic Firepits Garden Table

JAVA Mosaic Firepits Garden Table

After a long and tiring day’s work, it is a nice idea to have an outdoor dining in the garden or patio, it will make us relaxed and enjoy a delicious dinner. While you may need a patio heater to offer you warmth when it is early spring or late autumn. At this moment, this Java mosaic fire pit garden table is an ideal choice, flat packed, easy to assemble, moreover, you can remove or add the centre of the table according to your need.  

Know more about this Java mosaic fire pit garden table, you can visit: http://www.astove.co.uk/p/java-mosaic-firepits-garden-table.html

4 Seater BBQ Fire Bowl Table 

Although this fire bowl table isn’t belong to fire pits, it is the perfect charcoal BBQ I recommend for avid barbecuers, no matter you want to have a common bbq dinner or hold a bbq gathering, it is perfect. This 4 seater BBQ fire bowl table is fitted with 4 seats, you can add some chairs if you have more than 4 friends attend your BBQ party. It also is wonderful garden furniture set, one table, four seats, they can totally meet your daily needs.

There are two fire blow table available in GardenMore, round or square, you can visit this page and see if either of them suits for your needs.

We list some fantastic fire pits for you in the two posts, according to your need and the size of your garden or patio, you can easily get a perfect one.