Are you still puzzled to buy a wood burning stove or a fireplace? That’s why we are here to provide some comparisons between them and help you make a decision in a much easier way. Nowadays, contemporary wood burning stoves are able to be fantastic like fireplaces. Burning wood has many advantages including it warming your home as a sustainable and cheap fuel that is friendly to environment with its high efficiency.


When there are no more choices for you, a cast iron wood burning stove is the only one available even though with its old-style appearance. But now an increasing number of brand-new designed wood burning stoves prevail in the market. You can make choices from some sleek model that look like a small delicate furnace. Modern wood burning stoves usually equip a glass window allowing you enjoy the blazing flame inside.

Fireplaces, on the other hand, can offer you more choices with its endless and extensive material. Usually, a fireplace structure presents the core of a family where can place family pictures and accomplishments.

When it talks about potential beauty, fireplaces undoubtedly show its obvious edge.

Heating Efficiency

Wonderful fireplaces have brought house owners long-term happiness. However, it is fact that they cannot supply sufficient heat for a home. The working efficiency of fireplaces is pretty low. Heat up to 80% is wasted on the way out from chimney rather than warm the home. Moreover, drafting system to operate fast burning of fireplace needs frequent refueling.

And your wood supply is capable of working longer with wood burner because they can offer triple heat for your home when compared to fireplaces. After innovative design these years, wood burner’s efficiency has been promoted much. These great alliances transform enough heat so that you don’t need to switch your central heating system in the winter.

So if you are interested in significantly lowering heat cost, a wood burning stove must be a better investment for you instead of a traditional fireplace.


No matter how you burn the wood, it is carbon neutral. The particles from wood burning depend on the method of burning itself. Fireplaces are low-efficient burning facility so plenty of unburnt combustibles are produced afterwards.

Due to different design and efficiency, contemporary wood burning stoves do a much better job to burn logs, which relieve the air pollution.