Wood burning stove can give us a warm home in the winter, they also can ruin our home if we neglect the question of safety. If we pay attention to the newspaper in the winter, almost every day we can find some fire accidents caused by wood burning stove. It shows that it is essential that we should be careful and keep safe when we are using wood burners to warm our home in the winter. Therefore, we will talk about the question of wood burning stoves’ safety and offer some safety tips.

1. If you have children or little pets in your home

For your children or little pets, you can keep an eye on them when the fire is on, or you can erect a protective fence around your stove, the distance between the stove and protection fence shouldn’t be too near, at least, it can make sure your children or pets don’t hurt by the fire.

 2. Don’t leave the fire unattended

At most time, when the fire is burning with crackling, you will feel drowsy, but you can’t go to sleep when the fire is roaring. Because most of fire accidents caused by wood burners often occur at night when people go to bed and they forget to dealing with their stoves. Therefore, don’t forget to deal with your stove before you go to sleep, such as, don’t add too much fuel a few hours before you go to sleep, shutting the stove’s air vents to put out the flames. 

3. Get a fire extinguisher and place it around your stove

Although we think our stoves are under the best management, the fire still can be an animal and get out of control, at this moment, it is necessary to have an extinguisher placed around your stove. For the best results, your extinguisher should come labeled with a rating of 1A:10B:C.

4. Maintain space around the stove

Just like the advice of how to install a wood stove we offered before, clear all the flammable material and keep them are far away from your stove, at least 3 feet, such as, your furniture, books, even your stored wood.

Keep those tips in your mind when you are using your wood burning stove, absolutely, we will offer safety tips for electric stoves and gas stoves.

Have a warm home, at the same time, keep yourselves safe and sound. 

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