As known to all, natural gas is nice resource, we can use it to cook, and use it as the fuel of gas stove to warm our home in the winter. With the supply of gas, our life become more convenient, especially, take a shower in cold winter. However, not all the family can get access to gas, for those family who are not access to gas, they have to take more things into consideration when they are choosing a heater for their home, one of them is hot water. If you are one of them, we will recommend boiler stove for you. Therefore, today we will talk about multi-fuel boiler stove and offer their advantages. 

Boiler stoves are those stove powered by boiler, typically these boilers are fitted to Aga style cookers and they can offer surprisingly high levels of heat output. Multi-fuel stoves not only can offer enough heat to warm our room, it also can heat water, especially in cold weather. 

Talk about the advantages of boiler stoves, they focus on two aspects, one is about heating the whole house, one is about hot water.

Offer heat to warm the house: Multi-fuel boiler stoves, just like other stoves we have known, such as, cast iron wood burning stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves, also can offer enough heat to warm our home if you get the proper stove according to the size of room need to be heated.

Offer hot water: When it becomes colder and colder, take a shower will become a challenge for many people, it doesn’t matter if you can get access to gas and hot water is at your disposal. However, not all the family can get access to gas, at this moment, get a boiler stove becomes the solution to the hot water problem. 

Get a stove which can offer heat and hot water for its owner is not enough, we have to consider the fuel of the stove, get a wood burning boiler stove, maybe sounds great, but it only use firewood as fuel, for those people who can’t make sure the supply of firewood, it would be a problem, so Astove just add multi-fuel boiler stoves as our range, so that stove users can choose freely from these choices of fuel, such wood, coal, wood pellet, corn pellet, some products of wood or coal.

If you are not access to gas or not convenient to have a shower in the winter, there is no doubt that you should get a multi-fuel boiler stove from Astove and enjoy the heat and how water provided by it.