Do you feel cold even the fire of your cast iron stove is on? Are you confused why your stove burn so much fuel? Are you astonished at your expensive heating bills? If your answers to these questions are “Yes”, we are sorry to tell you that your stove doesn’t work efficiently, So you have high heating bills, at the same time, it doesn’t offer enough heat for your home with so much fuel. Today we will talk about this topic and offer some professional instructions for you.

Generally speaking, cast iron stove need less time to warm up and then cool down fast once the fire in the stove is off. Therefore, once your stove is on, it just a little heat to warm itself and most of heat will used to warm your whole house. Thus, if you get a cast iron stove with high-quality, there is no doubt that it should work efficiently and offer enough heat for you. If it doesn’t, you need to do something about it, next we will talk about how to make your cast iron stove work efficiently.

Clearly know what should be burned in your stove and stick to them. It is essential that the owners should burn the fuel which is designed for their stoves, it does not only about the efficiency, it also can make effect on stoves, or damage your stove. For example, you never burn coal or trash in your wood burning stove, absolutely, you can use coal, wood pellet, wood and products of wood or coal as fuel, if you get a multi-fuel stove. About the fuel, you should take it into consideration before you get a stove.

Be familiar with the design of your stove, include know it how to work and then do regular scheduled maintenance. Practice how to use your stove and ask all of your family members to learn and use your stove rightly. The maintenances of you stove, such as, keep it cleaning and don’t spill water and other liquid on the surface of your stove, or it may rust; sweep clean the fuel from your chimney once or twice a year, or those materials may damage the lining and reduce the efficiency of your stove.

Pay attention to what is coming out of your chimney when your stove is on. A wood stove working efficiently, in principle, just give off a small amount of white steam, if you seen a large amount of smoke, it means that your stove isn’t work efficiently, maybe because of the dampness of the wood, or your add to much fuel into stove.  

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