Christmas is on the way, we are in November already, and maybe some family is beginning to make preparations for it. It comes to prepare for Christmas, it would be a hard job, every family needs to clean and decorate the house, buy gifts for family members and friends, it is too early to do these things, in my opinion, there is a more important thing needed to do, get a wood stove suit for our house and store enough seasoned firewood.

Get a best stove for your house:

There are several kinds of common wood stoves, such as, wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pellet stoves, boiler stoves, and so on. Next, we will talk about them and make you know which one suit for you.

About wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves and wood pellet stoves, in fact, there is no too much between differences among them, all of them can be used to cooking and heating for single room or the whole house, maybe the only difference is the fuel. Firewood for wood burning stoves, wood pellet for pellet stove, while except firewood, wood pellet can be used as fuel of multi-fuel stoves, coal, corn pellet and products of wood and coal are nice alternatives. Although we can burn wood in pellet stoves, or burn coal in a wood burner stove, it still can offer our heat, but nobody can promise whether your stove still can work in best state if you burn improper fuel in it.  No matter which stove you choose, please remember that don’t regard your stove as garbage can and burn trash in it.

Boiler stoves are the exception among these stoves, not only can be used to cooking and heating, it also can offer us hot water. If you can’t get access to gas and are not convenient to have a shower in the winter, it is a wise choice to get a boiler stove for your home.

Several tips for choosing stoves:

1. About the heat output, according to the size of your house or the space you want to heat, choose the one suit for you.

2. About the design and efficiency, different design means different efficiency, the simplest way is that get the efficient design you can afford.

3. About safety, don’t expect get a high-quality stove with low price.

4. About the brand of stove, choose a trusted brand instead of unknown brand. Although it sounds that I have a prejudice against unknown brand, it is the simplest way to get the safe stove.

Store enough fuel for your stove:

1. Ensure your firewood is totally dry, without any wet or green firewood

2. Store your firewood in proper place, if you store them outdoors, you can refer to this post: Instructions about How to Store Firewood Outdoors

3. Ensure you have enough fuel for the whole winter.

4. Don’t place too much firewood beside your stove in case of woodpile pest infestation

Except choose stoves and store fuel, you can decorate your stove as you like when the Chirstmas is around the corner. 

Make preparation for Christmas Day, start from your wood stove, good luck to you!


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