wood burning stove from Astove Every morning in the winter, we are eating our breakfast, at the same time, we also are glancing quickly the headlines of newspaper, we found that we always can read some news about wood burning stoves caused fire accidents, even burn some people’s house or make them lose life. These accidents are miserable and we can totally avoid them. Therefore, today we will talk about keep warm and keep safe when using wood burning stoves and offer some safety tips about using wood burners.

1.  First and foremost, you should get a safe wood burning stove with high quality. At this moment, we have to repeat the same thing, don’t expect that you can get a high-quality stove when you cost a little money. Get the best stove which you can afford. We don’t have ways to tell which stove is the safe one or unsafe, one simple way is that choose the brand you trust, for instance, Amesti, sunrain and so on, and don’t choose those stoves you never heard of.

2.   Use your stove correctly. Your manufacturers will offer you an operating instruction manual when you get a cast iron wood burning stove, no matter you get one from online store or physical store. According to your instruction manual, light fire in your stove, put out the fire and add fuel for your stove, etc.

3.   Never let your fire unattended. Remember to shut the stove’s air vents to put out the flames when you are going to sleep or plan to go out.

4.   Don’t leave your children or pets unattended when your fire is on. If you have young children or little pets in your home, you can erect some protective guard around your stove. If you haven’t erected any guard, so keep an eye on them when the fire is on.

5.   Store a fire extinguisher at your disposal. Nobody can predict what will happen even if we have try our best to keep safe when we are using woodburning stove. A fire extinguisher can save our house, even ourselves if something happened.

6.   Clear all the flammable materials and keep them far away from your stove.

Keep warm and keep safe this winter! Good luck to you! 

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