We have mentioned that we should store firewood as early as possible, for our wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves or solid fuel stoves. Because it can make sure that the fuel of our stoves are enough dry. We suggested we should store firewood indoors before, maybe in a garage or storage.  In fact, we also can place them outdoors as long as we take some certain procedures to ensure them remain dry. Therefore, we will offer our suggestions about how to store firewood outdoors, they are as followed:

1. Check around your house, choose a location for the fuel of your stove. It should can receives a sufficient amount of air circulation, at the same time, you can’t cover your firewood completely, either; as it will stop air flow, and the wood even may rot because of too much moisture there. Generally speaking, in order to make firewood can become dry quickly, green wood or freshly chopped wood should be placed in an uncovered location for some days, even if you plan to store your fuel indoors.

2. If your firewood have placed in uncovered location for some days, you can carry them to a covered location, maybe a storage shed or barn. Place your firewood in neat rows, because you can store much more fuel with the same size of storage in comparison to stack them at random. Spare a few inches to separate each firewood stack to ensure proper air flow.

3. If you have some difficulty in build a shed for your firewood stack or you don’t have an outdoor structure with cover, you also can use a tarp or plastic sheet to protect the firewood. If it is possible, build a structure made of wood, which should be enough solid and can under the weight of all the firewood, to prevent the firewood from contacting ground directly and then start to stack your firewood on the structure, as contacting ground can make firewood get moisture. If it is not convenient for you, you can use another trap or plastic sheet onto the ground as a moisture barrier.

4. Then place firewood on top of wood structure or trap, you just don’t stack too high, their height shouldn’t be higher than 4 feet. After finishing stacking firewood, cover the second trap or plastic sheet on the firewood stack and leaving the sides exposed. Don’t forget place some larger rocks on the top of the trap or plastic sheet, in case that the wind may blow it away or tear it up.

May you have a warm winter with your wood burning stove and firewood!

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