traditional mexican clay chiminea

How to Use Clay Chiminea

  1. Best to use on a hard flat surface.
  2. Before lighting put 2 inches/50 mm of Gardeco Mexican lava rock or sand in the bottom to protect the base from direct heat.
  3. Start the fire with balled newspaper, dry kindling and light with a match.
  4. Do not use petrol or spirit because this might crack the chiminea.
  5. Dry firewood is the best fuel. Avoid using charcoal or coal which burns too hot.
  6. It is essential to allow the chiminea to warm up slowly by keeping the fire small for the first 20 minutes. Add more firewood as the body of the chiminea warms up. Do not build a large fire which might crack the chiminea.
  7. Flames and smoke will come out of the funnel of the chiminea, the mouth and interior will blacken with use.

How to Care for Clay Chiminea

  1. Being made of fire clay which is hard but fragile, your chiminea will be damaged if knocked over, or blown over by wind.
  2. With use the paint finish will discolour and there will be blackening around the mouth. The chiminea can be repainted with ordinary household emulsion paint after rubbing down to remove any loose paint.
  3. Keep the chiminea dry.
  4. Do not allow the chiminea to become soaking wet with rain.
  5. Chimineas are not frost-proof so bring inside for the winter. Before storage, remove the sand. Then, take it off its stand, and store it on a pallet that allows airflow.
  6. Never lift the chiminea by the neck. The bond between the chiminea's neck and the body is its weakest point – to lift it by the neck may cause the neck to actually separate from the body.
  7. Even if cracked, the chiminea will still give good service. Cracks may be repaired with car body filler and repainted.