Buy a Wood Stove

Before using your wood stove, you need to buy a wood stove. After buying, you need to read the user directions that came with your wood stove. Next, following things are also needed to be considered carefully.

How to preparing the fireood

---If you have access to their own wood supplies, here're two piece of advice for you when you're store the firewood.

Freshly chopped logs should be left for a minimum of twelve months to dry out properly before being used as firewood. Two years would be even better.

When building a wood pile, separate wood into three different sizes – large logs, medium sized branches cut into sections of about a foot long and twigs.

---If you don't have any access to firewood, you need to buy some pre-chopped wood from a local supplier. Here is an article that specificly how to tell the difference of well seasoned and green wood logs. Here is a method of how to select well seasoned wood.

How to chop wood---Using a heavy hammer, hit the axe head firmly until it sinks deeper into the wood and the log splits into manageable pieces.

How to set a fire---You can line the base of the stove, then put some pieces of newspaper on the base, and cover some twigs.

How to keep the fire---Keeping a fire in a cast iron stove is like having a pet in the house with you. A fire needs your attention at regular intervals. Don't forget to add smaller logs and more kindling if the fire seems to be dying down and throw bigger logs onto the fire every so often to keep it roaring.

Install The Wood Stove

More information, you can view here: A Safe Wood Stove Installation

Maintain The Wood Stove

Stove maintenance is very significant and it doesn't take much time to maintain your stove properly.

Check The Wood Stove Frequently

After a period of time, you should give your log burning stove a careful check over. More details are here,

Give Your Stove A Check Over

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