As the outdoor activities become increasingly popular, the outdoor entertainment equipments already become a favour to many people. Previously, chiminea have been made out of clay and it main purpose is about heating and cooking. These traditional designs can be traced to Spain and its influence on Mexico. The first use of a traditionally designed chiminea appears around 400 years ago.

The design of a good chiminea creates a drafting action, drawing fresh air into the fire directing smoke upward away from you and your guests. The fire burns hotter and cleaner, leaving behind only a small amount of ash. Chimineas also enclose a fire, protecting people and property.

Nowadays, chiminea’s material can be classified by three types choose from -

clay chiminea, iron chiminea, and steel chiminea. The clay chiminea was originally developed from Mexico which is derived from stone fireplaces used for heating and cooking. Cast iron chimineas are a recent development and are based on the design of wood burning stoves. Steel chimineas are the latest development which based on the Mexican design, but this kind of chiminea is made in steel.

The clay chiminea always is the widely used materials in history, because it was readily available and inexpensive to produce. This Azteca chiminea is handmade from clay by Mexican craftsmen using traditional methods.Clay chimineas are easy to use, lighting quickly and burning fuel efficiently. The clay chiminea is impossible rust like iron and steel.

The metal chiminea are made entirely of cast iron and steel for long life. This kind of metal chiminea adopts the more durable and stronger materials than clay, and it is not easy to be crack like clay chiminea. Most iron and steel chiminea own the elaborate engrave decoration in more elegant style. The iron and steel chiminea usually are made through in the assemblyline, therefore, they are cheaper than the clay chiminea.

Although, the main purpose of the chiminea is for heating outdoor for parties or family gathering. Currently, the chiminea are widely accepted in using in BBQ, if you have this demands, you’d better select the combination of chiminea and fire bowel for BBQ facility. You can choose the chiminea with the removable grill which can be adjusted in 2 heights. Its 2 real inlaid side tables bolt on to the chiminea which provide useful space for food and plates to rest while barbecuing.