We had talked those common woodpile pests yesterday if we store our firewood outdoors, today we will continue to talk about how to prevent them from living in your firewood or entering your home. These tips are as followed:

1. Make sure your firewood is off the ground when you are stacking them

 It is one of the most important rules for stack firewood, it not only can keep your firewood away from the moisture from ground, at the same time, it also can keep those wingless insects far away from your woodpile, include the most common pest termites. Therefore, you’d better make a simple firewood rack by yourself, it should be at least 10 inches high and can place a 2-by-4 length of wood across stacked cinderblocks.

2. If it is possible, place your firewood away from your home

If your woodpile is too neat to your home, those pests can easily find the way to your home and enter your abode. If you had placed your firewood next to your home and suspect a termite infestation, call for a pest control service as soon as possible.

3. Make sure your firewood stacks have a cover 

We had mentioned that we’d better choose a location with proof for our firewood, if you don’t have this location, please cover your firewood with trap or plastic sheet, it can keep them dry and far away from rain.

4. Split your firewood into smaller sizes.

The smaller the sizes of firewood are, the shorter the time of season needs. It also is an easy pest prevention technique.

5. Don’t take too much firewood into your home at one time.

Just take some firewood you immediately into your home and don’t take too much at one time. Because insects or eggs will remain dormant in cold weather if we leave

them outdoors, however, they will wake up and become roused in our warm home, so it will be a terrible thing if you place those firewood with pests for a long time in your house.

6. Don’t spray insecticides on your firewood even if you found some pests there

If you are unfortunately, you still found some pests on or within your firewood even though you had done the prevention work, please don’t spray insecticides on your woodpile, because insecticides may contain volatile chemicals, and they will release toxins and pour into your home when the firewood burning in your stove.

With these introductions about common pests and tips for how to prevent them, hope your firewood can keep dry and far away from woodpile pests.

May you have warm winter with your wood burning stove, multi-fuel stove or solid fuel stove


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