How to Light a Fire for Your Wood Burning Fire Stove

So, now you finally own one wood burner or multi fuel stove. The next problem you may get stuck in is how to light it. Is your room filled with smokes? Don’t worry, we are here to be helpful step by step.

1. Air control

Make sure all the air controls of your wood burning stove are totally opened. This can be conducing to light progress with maximum air entering firebox. And smoke flue will absorb hot air and any other fume away from room.

2. Newspaper

Roll several pages of an old newspaper in a ball and place into firebox. To ensure that your fire catches light properly place 1-2 fire lighters into the firebox. Fire lighters ensure that the kindling catches fire paper burns very quickly, and doesn’t always generate enough heat to light the kindling.

3. Kindling

Loosely place your kindling sticks on top of the paper. It’s important that you place the kindling on to the paper in a sort of grid formation as this allows plenty of air to pass between the grid of sticks.

4. Light your Stove

Light the edges of the paper in several places and push the wood burner’s door but don't close it. Closing the door at this stage will smother the fire. Simply push the door to leaving approx 1-2 cm gap around the door, this small gap allows the fire to catch quickly, as heat goes up the flue, it begins to draw air from the room and feeding the flames.

5. Feed the Flames

As the sticks catch, open the door gently add some more kindling in. Do not overload the kindling pile. Again, push the door to. Once you have built up a roaring red hot fire. You can now add your first log.

And now you must know how to light a fire for your wood burning multi fuel stoves in an effective and safe way.