How to Deal with Smoke Issue from Your Wood Burning Stove

Modern wood burning stoves are continuously gaining its popularity around the country especially in these days when it is bitterly cold. However, one big issue that most people concern about using wood burners might be the smoke being released into the house. If it happens to your log burning stove, you’d better do an investigation as follows.
Check the Cap

If you are airing your stove though a chimney or there lies a cap on it or on the flue pipe, it is with great possibility to be blocked that prevents smoke exhausting to outdoors. When the weather is cold and wet, spark screens on chimney cap can get sticky and draw a number of combustion particles. Now, it’s high time to get it cleaned.
Terrible Door Seal

If you have a wood burning stove without greatly sealed door, then smoke probably escape and wreath your house. Generally speaking, it is impossible to do with a new stove, but depending on the age of the appliance. The less worried issue might be the worn-out gasket while the worst is to need replace a brand new door. Check the door and gasket to make sure the right direction to resolve the issue.
Chimney Blockage

A range of objects like leaves, branches, bird’s nest and so on can partly cover your chimney. If you doubt these cases, it is a good idea to have a profession inspection and clearance for your chimney.
Green Wood

You should only purchase seasoned wood as burning fuel for your stove. Burning green wood would release massive fog because of its low combustion efficiency. If you found it the key reason of your smoke issue, just buying seasoned wood can easily figure out the problem or it is practical to totally dry the green wood if you have sufficient time.
Bad Ventilation

If your home is tight aired, you can try to create a air flow for the smoke. Just open the window with a aperture, and the issue can be easily solved. But if the problem still remains, have a total inspection of your wood heating stove and your home.