In the first place, one of the most essential elements before you invest your money on an effective wood burning stove for your home is the heat output from the log burner. If you find it a little confused to decide the exact model to fit your room, we are here to be helpful regarding how to calculate the recommended heat output a stove will be in need to meet your requirements of warming up your room sufficiently.

As we all know, nobody wants to buy a wood burning stove that doesn’t release enough heat output needed to heat the room because you’ll feel no warmth and pleasure when you use it in this cold and chill winter night. Instead, you won’t be happy with a wood burner giving off too much heat beyond you demands. This is going to be end up with uncomfortable hot and stuffy environment, making you use your favorite wood burner less than you would ever like to.

If you have troubles in either of above problems, we can tell you must make a terrible decision when you buy a wood burning stove among those in wide range of sizes. It is really a great waste of money when you buy an item that can hardly meet your requirements and you have to bear those unnecessary problems.

And now let’s come to the calculator time.

Calculate the right heat output for your room with the following method:

Room Width x Room Depth x Height = Z

Divide the answer (Z) of the above calculation by:

12 for a poorly insulated room

15 for an averaged insulated room

18 for a well-insulated room

So for example if you had a living room which was insulated quite well and measured at:

Room Width: 6 meters

Room Depth: 5 meters

Height: x 2.5 meters

To calculate

6x 5 x 2.5 = 75 cubic meters

75 ÷ 15 = 5KWs

Of course, there are plenty of calculators on the Internet and we only would like to take this as an example to present you a better understanding of how it works out. Finally, you can make right choice to buy wood burning stove at Astove to heat your room.