It becomes colder, many people will make preparation for the coming winter. We have to admit that wood stoves are ideal choice for heating in the winter with so many benefits, such as offer efficient warmth, friendly to environment, decrease our cost on heating. But we should choose a right one for our house, or we won’t feel those benefits which should provide. Therefore, today we will offer a few guidelines to buy a wood stove and help you choose the right one for your house.

 At first, you need to decide how much you will cost on buying your wood stove. Many people regard the price of wood stoves as an important gauge, so you can use the price to exclude those wood stove which exceed your budget. However, you should take all the factors into consideration and then decide the price range of your stove. After all, price does can influence your stove’s performance.

The next, according to the size of your house you want to warm, decide the heating capacity of your wood burner. High-power wood burners can be used to offer warmth for bigger spaces, low-power wood burners are intended to heat the smaller spaces. So it is important to have your home’s size specifications when you set about shopping your wood stove, so that you can choose the right one from many kinds of stoves. 

Thirdly, decide the location where you want to place your wood stove. Because wood stoves can generate enough heat to warm the entire home, you need to exactly know that you will use your wood stove to warm a single room or the whole house. If you want to use it to heat the entire home, please make sure that your wood stove is placed in a focal spot and the warmth covers as much spaces as it can. However, for the sake of security, it would be better to place your stove in a corner than in the center of the room. You can deal with this question according to the design and layout of your house.

The last one, you should take wood supply into consideration. We decide to get a wood burner because it can efficiently generate warmth for our house, but efficiency covers operational cost, which covers your accessibility to your fuel source. About fuel, you should treat it carefully, or it will make you pay for high heating expense. There are three tips about your fuel as followed:

1. Keep your wood stove burning when you are at home and turn down the temperature and the flame before you leave your house when you plan to go out. This can save much fuel and you can easily turn it up when you back home.

2.  Make sure that your fuel is enough dry. Keep in mind that only dry wood can be used in your wood stoves, DO NOT use wet or green wood. The green or wet wood are hard to burn because of their moisture, they also can make your house full of smoke.

3.   Find a right storage for your fuel. It should be dry and far away from water.

If you had read this passage, you must know which wood stove is the right one for your house, why not get one from Astove now?