Our range of advanced, high efficiency wood burningand multi-fuel stoves featuring unique clean burn technology allow you do just that, introducin air to key areas of the appliance’s firebox through multiple air inlets. Not only does this increase heat output and reduce the amount of times you need to refuel; it ensures cleaner, more efficient burning. 

Our clean burning stove incorporates an advanced pre-heated secondary burn system, ensuring a clean burn and efficient fuel consumption. A secondary air supply which introduces combustion air into the upper area of the stove, increasing wood burning efficiency and creating a larger, brighter flame that fills the stove’s window.

Most of the heat-output from wood fuel actually comes from igniting the gases produced by the burning wood. By supplying air above the wood fire, gases are burnt off to produce more heat output with less smoke particles going up the chimney. This allows complete combustion of the fuel, benefiting the environment through cleaner burning.

It is all known that when the fuel is not completely burned, which means it can not released the total amount of heat that the fuel should have released. The incomplete combustion not only will cause the waste of fuel, but also pollute the environment. What’s worse, the toxic carbon monoxide gas will threaten our health. On the other hand, complete combustion of wood ensures approximately the same amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as that absorbed by the tree during growth, making wood burning a carbon neutral energy. With lower smoke emissions, these cleaner burning, high efficiency stoves are not only a greener option, they may also be approved for use in urban Smoke Control Areas.

Still confusing which wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove is best for you? We Offer stoves both in traditional and contemporary designs with Clean burn technology which are available in a variety of sizes and heat outputs to suit almost any home.