Safety is vital, so it becomes vital to make an overall checking before using the stove since you stopped in warm months. And following aspects should be included in your check list.

Flue pipe - Use the right size flue brush to clean the flue pipe which comes out of the stove. And check the seals between the stove and the flue pipe and between sections of flue pipe. Sometimes, fire cement can crack, replace as needed at that time, if segments can fall out, then think about bracing the flue pipe as it might be moving around a lot. You could also use high temperature silicone.

Stove. Clean your stove. Then take the polish, mix some petrol with it. Paint on in even strokes and let it dry. Buff it off to a nice shine. I find that this gives a better and more even finish than if you just rub on the polish direct.

Glass. Clean the glass. A slightly damp cloth dipped in some soft wood ash works really well.

Chimney. Sweep the chimney.

In general, before using your old stove, give it all a check over for the flue pipe, chimney, stove and door glass. Is it still safe or could it set fire to something? Check where it runs near anything or where runs through a wall or a roof. And assure that it has a look at the top of the chimney too. In addition, is there a rain cowl on top and does that need cleaning? How does the flashing look, etc?

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