Talk about wood burning stoves, we have to mention the Amesti, which is the brand of wood stoves, wood cookers and insert fireplaces and from the Santiago, Chile.

For 27 years, Amesti develop its clean burning efficient wood burning stoves from their factories in Chile. As known to all, Chile is a wooded country where heating is a must in 6 to 9 months of every year, and the main heater is the wood burning stoves, therefore, the wood burning stoves made by Amesti can meet the needs of many family all over the world.

After Simply introduction of Amesti, the next we will talk about their stoves in details.

Just like what we talked above, Amesti is always focusing on producing clean burning wood burning stoves with high-efficiency, so those wood burners made by them are absolute clean burning and be friendly to environment. Be friendly to environment is one of the most important requirements for many housewives, If you also are strict in the requirement of friendly environment, there is no doubt that Amesti is the best choice for you and your home.

The contemporary shape and aesthetic design also are commended by many professionals. Except be friendly to environment, have beautiful shape and unique design also are the essential requirements when people are shopping their new cast iron stoves. With the development of science and technology, wood burning stoves become more and more beautiful, some of them are not only a heater for home in winter, they are works of art at the same time. Although we can’t call those wood stoves made by Amesti works of art, at least, they are wonderful decorations for your home and can easily suit for the style of your furnishing.

Enough safe. Safe question is the matter we should pay more attention. We always heard some news about fire accidents caused by wood burners in the winter, they are terrible things, we can avoid it totally by getting an enough safe wood burning stove and use it rightly. With so many years of development, the stoves from Amesti can comply with the most strict safety standards because of their double-wall convection system.

If you are confusing faced with so many kinds and brands of wood burning stoves, it is the best choice for you is that get a wood burning stove made by Amesti, you can enjoy those advantages mentioned above and maybe you will find more.Amesti Stoves at Astove