It becomes colder and colder, it is time to consider what you will use to warm your house in the coming winter, a wood stove, electric stove or gas stove? If it is possible, it is advisable to get a wood-burning stove to warm your house. Wood stoves are the best choicefor much family, they are friendly to environment, they can offer efficient warmth for house, compared to other open fireplaces, and they generate more heat with the same amount of fuel. 

Astove also offers many kinds of wood stoves, for the type, it offers multi-fuel stove, solid wood stove, cast iron wood-burning stove; for the style, it has contemporary stoves, traditional stoves, camping stove, double sided stoves and inset stoves, for their output, they vary from 5 to 10 plus. So it is easy for you to get a perfect stove for your house. We will talk about those stoves and tell you some features of them so that you can make a wise shopping choice.

If you want to choose a stove which is in accordance with the style of your house, so the style of your house decides the style of your stove, contemporary or traditional? I think you already have your answer. Another question, have you own a masonry fireplace in your house?

 If you have and you still want to use it, you should get an inset stove according to the size of your fireplace.Do you have any special requirement on fuel? In other words, if you don’t think you can meet the needs of supply wood, it is visible to get a multi-fuel stove, wood, coal and even peat can be the choice of fuel.

About the output, it depends on the size of the space you want to warm. At the same time, the location where you want to place your stove is essential. If you want use your stove to warm the entire house, you should place it in the centre of your house so that it can offer the same amount of heat to warm the entire house. The output of our stoves varies from 5 to 10 plus, you need to choose the right one for your house.

Do you plan to use your old stoves or you plan to get a new one? If you plan to shop a new one this winter, it is time to get one from Astove, all of those products are new ones in 2012 with new styles, popular shapes. All you need to do is get the one you suit for your house, may you have pleasure shopping experience there!

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