Do you like to spend a wonderful night outdoors? I believe most of people’s answers are “Yes”, now you can enjoy the benefits of an open fire in your backyard with fire pits even though it is late autumn now and winter is around the corner. Fire pits are one of the most useful products that can keep us keep farm outdoors even if it is winter. Therefore, Astove also add garden fire pits and outdoor fire pits into range with various prices to suit for your budget. Next we will talk about fire pit in details.

Ideal for:

As one of the most useful products to make us stay warm, fire pit is a must if we want to have activities outdoors, such as, hold parties, family celebrations or BBQ in backyard, even can take it with you when you are taking a camping trip.

Can be used to:

  • 1. Use it as heaters to keep warm

If you hold your party in winter, a fire pit not only can keep all the members warm, it also can bring them together.

2.  Use to cook food

If you want to talk a camping trip, no matter it is a summer or winter camping trip, you can take a fire pit with you as a stove to cook food. Thus you are no need to take a camping stove with you.

3.  Use as BBQ

Astove offers some fire pit, they are also can be used as BBQ. Such as, modern style round fire pit with BBQ grill, aztec style fire pit with grill and so on, you can click here.

Using tips:

1.  You should learn more about the local rules regulations of fire pits before you start to use it, make sure that you use it safely and in right place. 

2.  Be careful when you are using your fire pit, especially you have little pets or little children. Ensure your children or pets are far away from the fire pit and keep an eye on them.

3.   When you are lighting the fire in your fire pit, just start a small fire first. Don’t add too much fuel at a time.

Astove offers many fire pits with different shapes and design, their prices range from £41.99 to £154.99, you can choose the one suit for your need and budget. So let’s get right to it.