With it becomes colder and colder, we will spend most of our time staying in house instead of wandering outside. Therefore, a fireplace almost becomes a must for every house. About the fireplace, what can you use? Such as, electric stoves, gas stoves, cast iron wood-burning stoves and so on. I don’t know have you ever complain why you cost so much on heating every winter, but I did complain several years ago. I haven’t complained any more since I got a wood burner. The next, we will talk about why cast iron stoves are economic and can save our cost at heating

Do you still think an open fire looks attractive? Maybe the answer is “Yes”, it dose looks attractive, however, compared to closed fire, it does burn much more fuel. But now multi fuel cast iron stoves can fit both of your needs at the same time, offer efficient heat, decrease cost at heating.

At first, cast iron stoves with closed fire can generate more heat. Generally speaking, a cast iron stove can generate 3 times more heat than the open fireplaces when you burn a kilogram of fuel. There are two reasons lead this result as followed: one is that open fire will draw up the air from the rooms, so it fails to provide adequate warmth for house. The other one is that open fire often eliminates the heat provided by other heaters in your home and then releases it from chimney.

Secondly, cast iron wood-burning stove will need less fuel. Because it can provide more heat for our house, in other words, compared to open fireplaces, you can use less fuel and cost less at heating if you choose to use cast iron stoves.

Thirdly, you can easily control the flame of cast iron stove. Therefore, you can keep it burning when you are staying home, turn it down when you will go out and you can easily turn it up when you are back home. This also can save much fuel, naturally, it decrease your cost at heating.

Annoyed at the expensive bills of heating? Why not try a cast iron stove this winter? It will make you surprised and say goodbye to expensive bills of heating.