It comes to buy wood burner stoves, everyone knows that we should get those produced by reliable companies, so we get a contemporary wood burning fire or traditional wood burning stove by Esse, Arrow, Charnwood, Morso, Firefox, etc. Of course, there are many brands we can trust, I just list some of them. Nobody will deny Firefox is a reliable company because of its clean-burning, high-efficiency and environmental friendly. Nobody will believe they are also “Made in China”. In fact, they are. Firefox stoves are made in China.

For many people, “Made in China” means enough cheap and poor-quality, so many British have resisted purchasing “Made in China”, naturally, include wood stoves. However, Firefox stoves are so popular in UK, maybe just many people don’t know Firefox also are made in China, of course, they are designed in UK.

We don’t write this article to call on British stop buying Firefox stoves or "Made in China", just want to show that high-quality products always have high quality no matter where they are produced. Just like John W said that quality is a matter of quality control. If the contract with the Chinese factory required and enforced quality control then it will be a quality product. For example, as known to all, nowadays, “Made in Germany” means high quality. However, German products also had the reputation of being low quality prior to WW2.  “Made in China” means poor-quality, because companies outsourcing to China are often looking to cut costs. 

Firefox, Tiger and Sunrain stoves, all of them are made in China, but they are worthy of purchasing, and don’t mean poor quality. About “Made in China”, sometimes, you give up them, you will find that you get a similar one at higher price, while you make a nice deal sometimes, whether you should buy or not, you just need to read others’ reviews, both of positive and negative reviews, they will give your answer and whether they are worthy of purchasing.

Firefox stoves also are “Made in China”? Yeah, they are, but don’t mean poor-quality. Such as 12kw Gallery Fireplaces Cast Iron Multi fuel Stove - Firefox , 4.9kw Cast iron Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove - Firefox and 4KW Cast Iron Traditional Gas Stove - Firefox 5 , they are the most popular modes in all the Firefox range.

At last, Merry Christmas to everyone! 

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