If we were playing word association and I threw out camping, I bet a number of you would think fire. Right?

Even with a camping stove and BBQ grill, a caming just has to have that smoky smell, that flicker of yellow and orange, and the pop and crackle of burning tinder. Whether your intention is to roast some hotdogs and marshmallows, warm a chilly evening, or simply add to the beauty of the camping setting, a camping fire completes the experience.

To be able to enjoy your fire, a good outdoor fire pit is a necessity. Established camp sites will likely have them ready to go, but if you're planning to visit an un-established campsite and want to build a camping fire pit yourself, here's a quick walk through.

A shovel, trowel, stick or rock for clearing any and all organic material from the site

- Large rocks, for lining the pit

- One large container, filled with water—again with the safety

- Bonus item: Mound of inorganic soil or sand—not unlike the water, this could save the day

Finally, we prepare some popular fire pits in Astove which suitable for camping and delighted to recommend to you.

1. Luna Fire Bowl with BBQ Grill

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2. SICILY Copper Effective Fire Pit

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3. MESSINA Firepit / Garden Fire Pit Bowl

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4. Fire Pit BBQ / 64cm Fire Bowl

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5. Big Sky Style Steel Round Firepit / Patio Heater

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