We are welcoming the May, it is the best time to have some outdoor activities, hold some evening parties , or enjoy outdoor dining in the garden. At this moment, you have to take fire pits into consideration, especially in summer cold night. In order to meet different customers’ needs, Astove adds some new arrivals into its range in this month. Today, we will make some brief introduction about them, they are as followed:

1. Draper Square Fire Pit

This garden fire pit is dual-use, it can be used as patio heater to offer warmth for your garden parties and outdoor dining; it is fitted with BBQ grill, this make it also can be used as a charcoal BBQ to offer delicious BBQ dinner for you. Therefore, this draper square fire pit can provide us a combination of atmosphere warmth and barbecue cooking. Furthermore, it is equipped with mesh safety cover, this can ensure safety and prevent any sparks escaping from fire pit.

Learn more about this fire pit, you can click here!

2. Outdoor Garden Metal Fire Pit

This outdoor fire pit is ideal for cool evening, providing cozy warmth, little light which makes a beautiful, captivating, comfortable atmosphere. Place in such firelight and warmth, what a beautiful night it will be! No matter you want to place it in outdoor living room or on patio, even if you place 8 piece deluxe furniture set, its safety mesh cover adds extra safety and encloses the fire and prevent sparks or debris flying.

Suit for any garden, patio, decking or outdoor living room. If you want to learn more about this fire pit, you can visit: http://www.astove.co.uk/p/outdoor-garden-metal-fire-pit.html

3. Classic Square Fire Pit

This classic square fire pit is dual-use, too, just like draper square fire pit mentioned above. It is fitted with two chrome cooking grills, you can easily place them on top of the recessed fire pit lid to transport it into a portable BBQ. Furthermore, its cooking grills make it perfectly suit for large BBQ party or company barbecues, you can serve your friends and family delicious charcoal grilled food outdoors, it can offer enough food to ensure everyone gets to eat at the same time, just like Landmann hald oil drum charcoal barbecue, which is specially designed for BBQ party or large BBQ gathering.

Additionally, this classic square fire pit is also fitted with a spark guard, which can keep you and your garden/patio furniture set safe and sound.

Want to know more about this fire pit, you can check here!

If the new arrivals are not the one you are looking for, you can check http://www.astove.co.uk/c/garden-fire-pit and http://www.gardenmore.co.uk/bbq-and-outdoor-heatings.html , see if there is some fire pit suit for your needs and your garden. 

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