It becomes warmer and warmer, people don’t need wood stoves any more, at least in the next 6 months. While we may need some garden or patio heater to offer warmth to out garden activities or outdoor dining in some cool summer night. At this moment, we have to take the fire pits into consideration, in order to Astove customers know enough about fire pits, today we will talk about different types of fire pits in this post so that you can make a wise purchase and choose the right one for your garden or outdoor living room.

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of fire pits in the market, one is portable fire pits, which also be called as outdoor or garden fire pits. Just like their names show that they are easy to transport and you can take them with you. So some people take a portable fire pit with BBQ grill as a charcoal BBQ when they are enjoy camping, for example, this Luna fire bowl with BBQ grill.

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Another kind of fire pit is masonry fire pit. According to survey, there are more and more people choose to build a masonry fire pit, absolutely, this doesn’t mean they don’t have garden fire pit at the same time. We have to admit that masonry fire pits are really fantastic except you need spend much time, energy and money on building it, maybe you have to ask some professional to help you. If you have a tight budget but still want to have a masonry fire pit, you can buy some cheap and easily accessed materials and DIY it. It also is a great idea for DIYers.

The third kind of fire pit is fire pit/bowl table. If you also pay attention to garden/patio furniture set, you must have seen some garden furniture set, which consist of a fire bowl table, several chairs (normally at least four) and a BBQ grill. For avid BBQers and garden furniture set shoppers, they are wonderful choice.

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With these information, I think you already know what are you looking for and which one suit for you. So according your budget and your needs, choose the perfect one for your garden/patio and garden activities.

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