Have you found that it a tough task to cleaning the glass on your wood stoves?

There are a variety of methods, with various results. If you choose to clean the glass yourself, it's best to clean it after lighting. Ash and soot will come off easily using a damp cloth. You should avoid using cleaning fluids of abrasive cloths as these may damage the glass. Howver, before you clean it, check your owner's manual for recommended procedures. Do not void your warranty for the sake of getting a good look at your fire.

Nowadays, most of modern wood stoves are fitted with an airwash system which keeps soot away from the glass. Some discolouring may happen over time. You can use a specialist stove glass cleaner or newspaper dipped in vinegar to clean your glass. Never use an abrasive cloth or substance to clean the glass. 

Here're some tips you should pay attention when cleaning.

- Do not clean a hot stove. Always let stove cool before starting to clean it.

- Start your cleaning by removing the baffle, grate, ashpan and firebricks. Always consult your user manual first to check that it's OK to remove these parts and to get instructions on the best way to remove them.

- Vacuum any ash from inside stove.

- Clean any deposits from the stove's internal surfaces and the grate with a wire brush and scraper as required.

- Clean the firebricks with a soft brush.

- Re-fit the cleaned baffle, grate and firebricks inside your wood burning stove.

- Clean your glass regularly to make your each cleaning easier. Because once deposits are on your glass for many cycles it becomes more and more tough to clean it next time.

- Keep your glass clean by burning dry clean wood. It is not only good for your glass but keeps the chimney clear of chimney fire causing deposits. Remember a hot fire is a clean fire.

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