To be honest, we have to admit that it cannot too comfortable to stay at home with a free-standing wood burning stove in a chill winter night. With high-efficiency, convenience of clearance and saving place, free-standing wood burner worth your investment as a best heat resource.

High Efficiency

Actually, there are numerous ways to warm your home, but considering high efficiency, wood burners must be a very brilliant choice. They can realize efficiency up to 80% while their average is 50% efficiency which works more effective than open fire. Modern wood burning stoves only need one third logs than the old ones due to new design and technology. Moreover, if you use eco logs is better to warm up your water and house in an eco-friendly way. Even though eco logs are not your option, burning wood is carbon neutral as the amount of carbon dioxide produced from burning logs is roughly equivalent to how much that wood removed from the atmosphere as the tree grew in the first place.


Someone believes that a wood burner will stuff their house with smoke and dust but in fact we’ve went through that tough period. A free-standing wood burning stove produces less than 70% dust in your home and reduce same amount of smoke from your chimney. Promoted efficiency means you are having less carbon dioxide and other compounds in the atmosphere. That’s to say, using wood burning stove really change the air quality in your house by making fewer irritates in the air compared to using other combustion heaters.

Saving place

As we all know, you have to lay the groundwork and make expensive selections when you want to install a traditional fireplace or an enclosed stove. However, setting up a free-standing wood burning stove doesn’t require this complex and costly procedure. It is an independent structure and can be removable for your different location requirements. What’s more, it doesn’t even need a chimney for a wood burner. You can have a twin wall flue system to replace a chimney. Smoke can exit from the hole on the wall.

So if you don’t mind log fire and accept the contemporary wood burning stoves, a free-standing wood burning stove may be exactly what you want.