This is important safety advice to follow when using bio-ethanol fireplaces and burners. Please do not use your burner before reading these instructions. Bio-ethanol is a highly flammable liquid, so extra care and attention is required. Always observe the safety advice and keep in safe place for future reference.

Bioethanol Fireplace Use - Safety Instructions

  • It is advised to have a fire extinguisher on hand, in case of accidental fire spreading.
  • Always store the fuel in the original bottle. Store in a cool place, away from sources of ignition. Do not store the fuel bottles near, above, behind or below the bio-ethanol fireplace. NEVER move or attempt to move the fireplace or any bio-ethanol fuelled appliance while the fire is burning. NEVER move or attempt to move any bio-ethanol fuelled appliance with fuel inside the burner.
  • The Lorenzo bio-ethanol fireplace is not suitable for use in caravans, mobile homes, boats or in vehicles.
  • HIGHLY FLAMMABLE - Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking, no naked flame.Do not smoke anywhere near the fireplace. Keep container tightly closed. Re-seal immediately after use.
  • Always follow the instructions on the labels and user instructions and recommendations on all bio-ethanol fuel bottles, burners and fireplaces.
  • NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION - Do not drink, if accidentally swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately and show label or instructions.
  • ONLY USE BIO-ETHANOL FUEL. Do not try to use wood, kindling, paper or other material. DO NOT USE PARAFFIN OR LAMP OIL WHICH CANNOT BURN WITHOUT A WICK AND ARE NOT SUITABLE FUELS FOR THIS BURNER. DO NOT USE PETROL OR DIESEL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Do not place anything on top of the fireplace. Leave the burning slot free. Do not mix the fuel with anything.
  • VERY HOT- BURN RISK. Do not attempt to touch the flame. Do not touch the stainless steel Burner while in use or you will burn your skin. The surface becomes very hot while in use. Burners may remain too hot to touch a long time after the fire has been extinguished. The metal surround and glass panels of the Lorenzo may become hot.
  • Keep away from flammable materials such as curtains or furnishings. Keep away from sensitive items such as plants. A lot of heat comes out of the Burner, and the flames are real.
  • KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN- The Lorenzo bio-ethanol fireplace is not a toy and fire is dangerous to children.

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