Re-Fuelling Bioethanol Fireplace Instructions

  • NEVER re-fuel the Burner while the fire is alight. You risk an explosion, burns or personal injury and the fire spreading outside of the Burner. Do not be tempted to try. The Burner is the stainless steel box holding the bio-ethanol fuel.
  • NEVER re-fuel while the Burner is still hot. NEVER re-fill the Burner while still hot, even if the fire is out. Bio-ethanol has a low flash-point, so ignites at low temperature. Failure to observe this safety instruction may lead to spontaneous re-igniting of the burner, causing personal injury and the fire spreading. Wait for it to cool at least ten minutes.
  • AVOID spilling the fuel when filling or re-filling the Burner. Pay attention and take great care when filling with fuel. If you accidentally spill fuel on the surface of the Burner, wipe it with a paper kitchen towel followed by wiping with water until dry and throw the paper towel away before lighting. Do not leave the paper towel near the fire. While if you accidentally spill fuel on the floor or around the Burner, mop it up with a paper kitchen towel then wash with water and mop until dry before lighting the burner.
  • AVOID spillages.
  • DO NOT OVERFILL Fill only to the recommended level. MAX two thirds.
  • Fuel usage has been tested for the Lorenzo. Indoors, without drafts, at an ambient temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, 500 ml of bio-ethanol will burn for approximately 1 hour.
  • Fuel consumption is dependant on the environment and weather conditions in which the fireplace is located.
  • More fuel is used if there is wind, air movement, drafts, open windows, or if used outside. We are unable to give advice on fuel usage outdoors because it is very variable depending on the weather conditions.
  • More fuel is used when the ambient temperature is higher.
  • DO NOT pour left-over fuel back into the fuel bottle, you would spill it! Burn off all the fuel in the burner every time.
  • If there is fuel left over, close the slot with the sliding snuffer to prevent evaporation.
  • If you must pour the fuel out of the Burner, wait at least 30 minutes until the burner is cold, and take great care not to spill any.
  • DO NOT dispose of the fuel in the water system - it is illegal to do so.
  • Do not squirt the bio-ethanol fuel into the Burner. Spilt bio-ethanol fuel which is cleaned may leave stains that cannot be removed. Shiny surfaces may turn matt.

    Appearance and Maintenance Instructions

    • The stainless steel fuel burner will change colour after use. Scorch marks will appear on the top surface around the slot.
    • The Lorenzo may be cleaned with a damp cloth rubbed on the surfaces. Do not wash the Burner with dishes. DO NOT put in the dishwasher.
    • DO NOT use chemicals to clean the Burner or the painted surface of the Lorenzo fireplace.
    • DO NOT use wire wool, scrub brushes that could scratch the surface of the Lorenzo and may affect the function of the Burner.



  • Bio-ethanol burns without smoke, soot or ashes, simply position your Lorenzo bio-ethanol fireplace in an safe place in your house, and it turns into a real flame decorative heater! NEVER move your Lorenzo while the fuel is burning or when there is fuel left inside.
  • Please read, retain and follow the instructions and recommendations and use common sense and caution at all times for the safe enjoyment of your Burner.
  • PLACE your Lorenzo on a solid surface made of non-flammable material. Stone, bricks or tiles are ideal. DO NOT put on carpets, wooden or plastic flooring which may mark or catch fire.
  • DO NOT place your Lorenzo near curtains, soft furnishings which may melt or catch fire. We recommend a minimum distance of 1 metre from any such materials.
  • DO NOT place your fire near plants or items sensitive to heat. They will be affected by the heat and it is a fire risk.
  • DO NOT place your fire under or near electrical cables or installations. It is dangerous.
  • DO NOT place your fire underneath lamps or other fittings. It is dangerous and a fire risk.
  • DO NOT lean over the fire. Hair burns at low temperature and very quickly. DO NOT bring your face near the flames.
  • DO NOT cover or leave clothes or newspapers on or near the fire. They are a fire risk. DO NOT use the fireplace to dry clothes which may catch fire.
  • DO NOT place your Lorenzo bio-ethanol fireplace where it is likely to be knocked over or bumped into.
  • DO NOT allow children, especially small children near the fireplace. Especially DO NOT allow children to play or run around the fire. It is NOT a toy. KEEP pets away from the fireplace.
  • OBSERVE the minimum room size requirements of 22 cubic metres. DO NOT place the fire in a non-ventilated room.
  • DO NOT leave a fire unattended at any time. We recommend placing a fire extinguisher near to your fire as a safety precaution.

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