With the appearance of electricity, electric stoves and fireplaces are walking into more and more family's home.

These stylish and efficient electric stoves, for one thing, it creates a focal point for your living room without any of the hassle of installation and fuss of operation that other fuels demand. So, for another thing, it doesn't require a ventilation system like traditional stoves do. An electric stove however needs no ventilation system at all, so electric stoves are the ideal solution for anyone who doesn't have a chimney and has no chance of installing one.

At meanwhile, it saves you time on cleaning the chimney. And it is much easier to maintain and clean as well without the chimney. Once you own an electric stove, you don't need to spend hours and hours on trying to start and stoke a fire. And you'll never need chop up wood. Rather it is done automatically for us. Moreover, because electric fireplaces and stoves run on electricity, it is easy to be able to control the amount of heat they give off for warming the room or cooking your dinner. All you need to do is just turn the settings up or down according to your needs.

Furthermore, the heat output from electric stove is much more efficient than gas stoves or wood burning stoves, because the output remains constant until such time as you change it or turn it off.

As every thing has two sides, bad side and good side. For the disadvantages of electric stove, that is, because an electric stove requires electricity to operate, you cannot cook on your stove if there is an issue with your power supply which isn't identical to wood burners. Another disadvantage about electric stove is that they do not distribute temperature evenly. In particular, an electric stove that has uneven coils can provide inconsistent temperature across the surface.

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