If take no account of some restrictions, such as efficiency, heating bills, environment, etc, I believe that most of family will choose open fireplaces as the heaters in the winter, as nobody can resist the temptation of real fire. However, they have to take those aspects into consideration when shopping heaters to warm in the winter, thus they have to give up fireplaces and choose wood burning stoves, electric stoves or gas stoves. But now everything has changed because of bio ethanol fireplaces, you can own a fuelless fireplace, which is clean burning and can burn for longer time. Next we will talk about these bio ethanol fireplaces from Astove.

Bio ethanol fireplaces are open fireplaces, which use bio ethanol as fuel to generate heat for the room. Compared to traditional fireplaces, they don’t depend on wood, coal or other fossil fuel, so they don’t release any smoke, soot or ashesand. Absolutely, they have other advantages, they are as followed:

1. Use sustainable ethanol as fuel, no need to store fuel

Fuel is a serious problem need to be taken into consideration when we are choosing our heaters, many people choose multi-fuel stove instead of wood burning stove. However, you needn’t worry about fuel supply if you get a bio ethanol fireplace, as ethanol is a fuel made from plants that are easily grown.

Bio ethanol fireplaces from Astove

2. Clean burning, be friendly to environment

We have mentioned above, it won’t release any smoke, soot or ashesand. So it can meet your requirement for environment even if you are a strict environmentalist.

3. Enough convenient without any restriction

You have to consider where can be installed a chimney if you decide to purchase a solid fuel stove. However, bio ethanol fireplaces have no requirement for a special ventilation system, you don’t need to take chimney into consideration.

4. Not inefficient as people said

Almost everyone knows that open fireplaces are famous for their real fire as well as their inefficiency. In fact, they are not inefficient as people said, at least, bio ethanol fireplaces are not. The bio ethanol burns at about 90 percent efficiency, that like 9 out of 10 bones.

5. freely control the heat and longer burning time

Those bio ethanol modern fireplaces from Astove have been developed with the flexibility, thus you can control the heat freely to suit for your room.

6. Easily installed

If we google how to install a wood burner, we will find a variety of articles or videos about it, it shows that installs a wood burner is a difficult job and needs much experience and skills. But we can’t find any articles about how to install a bio ethanol fireplace, it is so easy that everyone can make it.

7. Modern design and shape, can be a fantastic decoration for your home 

Those bio ethanol fireplaces from Astove have modern design with many different shapes, you can choose the best one to suit for the style of your furnishing.

Like real fire? Are you still confused whether you should buy one or not, with so many advantages, there is no doubt that you should get one and enjoy the feeling of real fire.