In our last blog, we had talked about the first four questions, so we will continue to talk about others. 
5.   How long should firewood be seasoned or aged?

As known to us, we should only burn firewood in our stove, no wet or green wood. So if we store firewood ourselves or buy green firewood, how long do they need to be stored? In general, they need to be stored at least 12 months, the amount of time required depends on the thickness of the wood and the weather conditions that the wood is exposed to.

6.  What is the size of best firewood?

If we plan to split firewood ourselves, we have to think how long and how thick the firewood should be, nor too long or too short, nor too thick or too thin. The length of firewood depends on the size of your stove or fireplace, in general, for most of stoves, the ideal length is about 18 inches and the ideal thickness is less 10 inches, any log which is thicker than 10 inches should be split in half or quarters.

7.  How to store firewood?

About how to store firewood, you can refer to instructions about how to store firewood outdoors, it will offer you detailed steps description and you will make it.

8.    What should we take into consideration when we store firewood outdoors?

Weather and insects are the most important aspects we have to consider.

About the weather, we have to store our firewood in a shed or an outdoor structure with cover. If you don’t have any one of them, you also can cover your firewood with trap or plastic, about the specific steps, the post mentioned above will offer you.

About the insects, this is a question which can’t be ignored, because it may cause woodpile pest infestation if we store firewood improperly. So if you plan to store firewood outdoors, you can refer to How to prevent a woodpile fest infestation I and How to prevent a woodpile fest infestation II, according to these steps, you will keep those insects far from your house. 

9.   Do we need a firewood storage rack?

If we usually use our wood stoves, so we can keep a few days worth of firewood indoors so that there is no need for us to go out to pick up firewood every day. About those firewood which are taken into house, whether we should get a storage rack for them, it totally depends on our preference and situation. If it is necessary, we can choose any one from so many kinds of storage racks. If we got a contemporary wood burning stove with storage rack, such as Amesti stoves, a Pood 7 Tulin over 7 Kw multi-fuel wood burning stove, we needn’t to consider firewood storage rack. Just remember to ensure firewood placed in your storage racks is totally safe and can’t be ignited.

With 9 questions about firewood, I believe you have known how to get the best firewood for your stove, how to store firewood and prevent woodpile pest infestation, etc, and your stove will work in best state with these instructions. 

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