Cast iron wood burning stoves are widely used to heat our house in the winter, because they are friendly to environment and have high-efficiency, absolutely, they are more economic than gas stoves and electric stoves. However, you still pay high expensive heating bills if you pay no attention to the firewood for your stove. Therefore, today we will talk about firewood, there are 9 questions about firewood, they will make you know more about firewood and get the best firewood for your stove.

1. Why should we choose the best firewood for our stove?

Compared to improper firewood, best firewood can generate more heat to warm our house with the same amount of fuel, at the same time, best firewood can make our stove work in best state and save more fuel, while improper firewood may damage our stove and waste a lot fuel.

2. What are the best types of firewood for our wood burner?

Generally speaking, we need softwood to start the fire and hardwood to keep fire going. About what trees can be nice softwood or hardwood, types of firewood you can burn in your wood stove can give you exact answer and you will clearly know what the best firewood for your stove is. While you can’t get all the types of firewood mentioned in that post, what you can get depends on your location, you can choose the best one you can easily get and suit for your stove, just remember to not burn any of conifer trees in your stove.

3.  How to get firewood?

There are three ways to get firewood for our stove, as followed:

1) Buy firewood from online shops and local suppliers. Here is a post, tips for buying and storing firewood ( I ) it will give you some practical tips if you plan to buy firewood.

2) Get free firewood. If you don’t know how to get free firewood, we offer 11 ways to get free firewood for your wood stove.

3) Cut down trees, split and store them by yourself.

4.  Why shouldn’t burn green or wet firewood in our stove?

I think all of us have known we’d better not burn green or wet firewood in a log burning stove or multifuel stove, but why? Green and wet firewood contains too much moisture, if we burn them in our stove, all of the energy of the fire gets up to boil off the moisture in the wood instead of producing heat for our house, furthermore, they are hard to light and will generate much smoke when they are burning.

Today we talked about first four questions and we will talk about other questions in next post.

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