As the most economic heater, log burning stoves are widely used in British family. However, if we keep our cast iron stoves burning the whole winter, buying firewood also cost us much. At this time, many people will think whether we can get free firewood. Therefore, today we will talk about how to get free firewood, I will give several ways to get free firewood.

1.   You can go round industrial estates and ask for broken pallets. There companies have to pay to get rid of it, so they will give you as much as you want.

2.   Go to warehouse and tell them you will accept broken pallets, they will deliver. You have to take a truck load at a time, which means a pile 10' x 10' x 40'. Furthermore, you have to remove the screws and nails yourself.

3.   You also can go to apartment complexes in poor neighborhoods and pull broken furniture out of the dumpster. But, you'd better get permission at the office first and don’t forget to drive your truck to your target community.

4.  When you see trees being cut down for constructions and along the roars, stop and ask if you can have the wood. If these trees are pine, give up them, they are suit for your stove, no matter yours is a multifuel burner or wood burning stove.                                                              

5.   Go through and see if anything your neighbors are throwing away is safe to burn or if there is wood stacked in their front yard, you can stop and ask if you can have the wood.

6.   A lot of trees died during a drought and a lot of them fell over during a snowstorm, or you see they are being cut down, you can get free firewood from them.

7.   You also can pick up wood that has fallen from trees naturally and is lying at the side of road (they are shall not from trees on private land).

8.   You also can use unless or broken wooden furniture as fuel, you just need to break up them. Or buy old wooden furniture cheaply from charity shops.

9.    Go to the forest and cut trees which are allowed by law and drew them to use.

10.   Pay all the attention to other places, you may forget your yard or garden, sometimes, you will find some tree from your backyard may can be nice fuel for your contemporary wood burner.

11.   If you are enough lucky, you even can see some classified Ad on local lifestyle sites, some persons offer some trees, you just need a truck and take them away yourself. 

Notice: When you are looking for free firewood, don’t forget to ensure those firewood are safe to burn and suit for your stove, if not, give them up.

For free firewood hunters, hope this post can help you and make you find as much as free firewood. 


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